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Special Edition - Ferrari North American Race Team (NART) Inspired Board

We are constantly looking new designs, shapes, and colorways to build out special edition boards. This project got us very excited as we’ve been inspired by the various NART Ferraris over the years and wanted to do something truly special.

A new deviation from our classic Ferrari boards, we put together a Ferrari NART inspired surfboard. Featuring a beautiful blue carbon fiber weave surrounded by yellow rails and a red pinstripe. The board has both an authentic Ferrari shield and Ferrari NART badge inlayed. Top of the board features the Ferrari and NART insignia with a large Ferrari insignia vertically on the back.

The shape on this special edition is more narrow than our other offerings. We were inspired by the class Waimea gun shape that is used for big wave surfing. A unique shape and size to be hanging on someone’s wall!

Ferrari Lightning Bolt Surfboard

As one of our first designs, we wanted to capture both the automotive heritage of Ferrari as well as the classic surf style. We came together designing a "gun" style surfboard with a glassed in fin. For the graphics, we wanted a classic red or yellow board with black/yellow or black/red "lightning bolt" rails running up the side. Featuring the Ferrari insignia on both the front and the back, this board can be displayed vertically or hung horizontally.

As all of our boards, we inlayed an authentic Ferrari badge into the top deck by the nose. Rose your hand across this and it feels as smooth as your car's paint. Check out the gallery below of this design.