Koenigsegg Signature Surfboard Has Arrived

There’s a lot to say about Koenigsegg, but just seeing one in person fairly sums up most people’s feelings. From breaking speed records to some of the most beautiful car designs, Koenigsegg is the ultimate driver for the road and track. We are big fans over here at Grand Prix Surfboards and get extremely excited every time a new release comes out of Christian von Koenigsegg’s corner.

We wanted to embody this way of life with the cars and transport that to our surfboards. We accomplished this with the release of our first Koenigsegg surfboard.

Our signature Koenigsegg design. Featuring a pearl grey board with carbon fiber stripe down the middle flanked by orange race stripes. Features both the Koenigsegg badge image and logo on the top surface. Bottom of the board features the same carbon fiber and orange race stripes with a large horizontal Koenigsegg logo.